Administrative Detention during Asylum Process and ECHR

Speaker: Dr. Roberta Muscat

Date: October 13, 2020, Tuesday
Time: 13.00-14.00

Turkey has long served as Europe's gatekeeper for refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants from across the Near East and Asia. This role was dramatically put on display in the wake of the refugee "crisis" in 2015 and remains an important flashpoint in the country's relations with the European Union. The conditions of removal centers and the necessity of immigration detention itself have also always been a matter of criticism for Turkey, as well as it is for most of the transit and destination countries. The topic became even more complex when Turkey has amended the Law on foreigners in December 2019 and allow foreigners to be held responsible with alternatives to detention, instead of detention. Liveliness of the topic and above-mentioned unique situation of the Country make the relevant human rights standards and especially the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights even more important.

Dr. Roberta Muscat is a Doctor in Law of the University of Malta and holds a Master's degree in Human Rights. Currently is a Registry lawyer of the European Court of Human Rights as of 2005 with various areas of expertise, inter alia, in Article 5 and Immigration detention.

Yayın Tarihi: 14/10/2020

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